What will happen during the scheduled visit?

Animals don’t always show clearly when they are in discomfort or pain. This can make it very difficult for you as a pet owner to know whether euthanasia is the right choice for your animal.

My mission is to be there for you and guide you through a very difficult time in your life. During a complimentary phone consultation, questions regarding your animal’s health, medical concerns and the daily struggles your animal is facing will be asked. This information will help me assess the quality of life of your beloved pet and together we will decide what’s best for your friend.

If it is determined that euthanasia is the right choice for your pet, an appointment for in-house euthanasia will be arranged and aftercare options will be discussed. You are welcome to ask any questions, share any fears and concerns you have regarding the euthanasia process.

Upon my arrival at your home, I will be asking you to fill out an authorization form, which will give me your consent to proceed with the euthanasia. Once you are ready, the preparation for euthanasia can begin.

Every patient receives a sedation to guarantee that no discomfort will be experienced during euthanasia. The sedation will relieve anxiety and eliminate pain. Your pet will drift into a peaceful, comfortable unconsciousness. At this point, if you, one of your family members, or friends feel the desire to spend a few moments alone with your beloved pet, I will gladly give you the privacy you need to say your final goodbyes.

The last injection will be administered once you are ready and subsequently the heart will stop beating. The passing of your beloved friend will be determined by auscultation of your pet’s chest.

At the end of the visit, I will take your beloved companion with me and will make the requested cremation arrangements for you.